Video Marketing

When potential investors, partners, and customers want answers NOW or need help understanding your company’s products and services, video can come to the rescue. Video can educate, entertain, go viral, and go beyond what television commercials and the ordinary internet can do. Each and every day, more businesses are utilizing video marketing by creating how-to videos, webmercials, conference and trade show videos, corporate videos, and more. These companies are utilizing video to expand their market reach and increase sales by embracing video marketing.

As one of the most efficient forms of communications, video has the power to capture and engage your targeted audience in a way that can’t be matched by other forms of media. Response and retention rates for customers who watch videos are known to be higher. Whether it’s a promotional video highlighting your company’s investment offering or a webmercial, eMedia Plex’s can manage the entire production of your video: storyboarding, scripting, shooting, editing, and distribution.

Using video as a marketing tool is one of the fastest growing trends and your business can benefit by jumping on the video bandwagon right now.