Social Media

Using social media and other methods to increase hits to your website

If you have a website that does not seem to attract too many visitors or always ends up attracting the wrong type of visitors to your website and that run away faster than they come in, then you are in deep trouble. You will need to enrich your website with the right material and also exploit the tremendous potential of social networking sites to attract new “friends” towards your website again and again, and boost your chances of increasing your business.

Along with a richly worded and illustrated website, you should definitely cash in on the new rage of social media sites to attract more visitors to your website. This should not be used as a form of blatant advertising but instead hammer home your point in a subtle and hypnotic manner. The biggest advantage that you have here is that this form of advertising is totally free and you can put forth your views in an informal manner, which in turn will help in building up trust within your circle. Another advantage is that search engines will also recognize your presence on such sites and the links that you insert will definitely help in leading more people towards your website even as you get pushed up in page rankings.

You should start out by becoming a member on all major social media sites and even in smaller ones since these days you might never know which social media site might explode in popularity. You should try to make the maximum number of friends without trying to aggressively market your products or services as most sites might anyway ban you if you do. Once your views are heard and appreciated, it will enhance your image as being trustworthy and an expert in your field. You can then start a very subtle form of marketing on such sites.

Another action that you need to take is to ensure that your website is rich content that can catch the eye of major search engines as well as your new potential clients that will come in through the social media. However, this is not very easy and you will require the help of experienced SEO or Search Engine Optimization experts that can inject your website with the right content containing relevant keywords infused in an optimum manner. Your SEO experts can also help you to devise material for displaying on the social networking sites so as to quickly get into the hearts of other members and win them over.

You can also offer freebies on your website such as free newsletters, free e-books, and free gifts for clients making higher purchases, as whether it is an actual store or a virtual store people all around the world love freebies. This will guide more visitors to your website as word of your largesse will spread over the Internet. You can have a special free package for all your “friends” dropping in through social media sites so as to offer an added incentive for more people to take that route.

By using social media and other related moves you will definitely increase traffic to your website, but more importantly increase the right type of visitors to your website that hold the promise of getting converted into paying clients on a long term basis. Use these steps while making sure that you have the services of SEO experts on hand to initiate and monitor every move to channel the best potential clients towards your website.