Press Release & Content Distribution Campaigns

Boost your business image and control how people see your company with an aggressive press release and original content distribution strategy.

In addition to eMedia Plex’s public relations services which help your company garner news coverage in newspapers, online, and on TV, we offer a separate service designed to promote your company’s press releases and original content: the eMedia Plex Press Release and Content Distribution Campaign.

This service is designed to help your company’s news (press releases) and original content

(1) populate the search engines (SEO),
(2) digitally reach appropriately targeted websites and feeds, and
(3) provide syndicated content for other websites.

Just as you would require the skills of SEO experts to ensure that your website lands up on the front page of all related keyword searches, the same SEO expertise is needed to help your press releases and original content connect with your target audiences, create search results for your company, increase hits, and boost your company’s image.

eMedia Plex will help you to devise content that is relevant to your intended target audiences, deliver it physically and virtually to the media that can best expose it, and also ensure sufficient anchor links to your website.

Press Releases and original content also allow for the insertion of images and video with related tags so that your press release acts as a magnet for search robots. In short, all virtual roads will lead to your website as your business name spreads out across the globe with regular press releases and original content.