Newspaper Inserts

A newspaper insert or topper is an “attention commanding” 1 to 24 page promotional piece (or a piece intended for direct mail) that is inserted or sits on the top of major US newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Investor’s Business Daily, SF Chronicle, Chicago Sun Times, Las Vegas Review Journal, Hartford Courant, and more. A newspaper insert/topper attracts attention like no other awareness activity as it literally falls into the lap of the reader.

eMedia Plex can also place toppers and inserts on Canadian newspapers (both financial and mainstream papers).  We can also place a Post-It Note on the front page of the newspaper alerting readers to your topper/insert.

Advantage and Benefits of Toppers and Inserts:

–No list names or addresses are needed
– No postal charge
– Immediate and guaranteed delivery on date(s) specified
– Circulation can be split over 2 days or run on a single day
– Flexibility to pick demographic markets and regions (i.e., Eastern US or “Chicago/NY”)
– Demographics of readership maintained by reputable companies (Hearst, NY Times, Dow Jones, etc.)
– Topper or insert is impossible to miss (unlike junk mail)
– There’s NO in-paper competition.

eMedia Plex can help you choose the right newspapers that target your customer base and can even focus your distribution by city, household income, and investment propensity.