Having a dynamic and powerful website that nobody can find is like having a store filled with merchandise and locking the doors so customers cannot enter. You know it’s there and you’ve done a fabulous job of decorating it and selecting the right products, but nobody stops by to shop.

Enter “SEO”, the art (yes, it is an art!) of optimizing a website or webpage so that it appears near the top of search engine search results (Search Engine Optimization). An integral part of eMedia Plex’s online marketing program, SEO is designed to increase the number of visitors to your website by ranking your site very high in the organic results of searches. This is done by using the most effective keywords that describe your website’s content.

Often referred to as “the Holy Grail of Internet advertising,” BrandWeek Magazine says, “Search engine optimization may be just one part of an online marketing strategy, but it is the fundamental part.”

Emedia Plex has extensive experience in doing just that – bringing visitors to your website. The more visitors you have … the better the chances of growing your business. We offer our clients the complete package: Everything from SEO Strategy, Target Audience Review, Keyword Analysis and Competitor Research, Suggested Site Content and Adjustment Structure and much more.

Search Engine Optimization focuses on creating value for the end user. Effective Website Optimization ensures that your website provides an exceptional user experience, thereby increasing its value to Search Engines. While many people believe that Search Engine Optimization is only about manipulating search results, SEO is really about ensuring that your website delivers what the user wants.

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool for Internet marketing and the marketing professionals at eMedia Plex know how to navigate all the complexities of the internet to use SEO to its full advantage so that your company will get an excellent return on its investment.
It’s hard to imagine these numbers, but every single day there are over one BILLION searches made on the world’s leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Every single one of these searches is made by a potential customer looking for a specific product – a product that could be from your business! These customers are already interested in spending their dollars, unlike many other forms of advertising such as television or radio, where people who may have no interest in your product whatsoever are being reached.

Call us for a free consultation and let us put our combined 45 years of experience in SEO, Website structuring and strategy, marketing know-how, copywriting and public relations at your disposal.