Public Relations

eMedia Plex’s public relations (PR) programs are designed to create awareness with your targeted audience (investors and/or consumers) by securing media coverage for your company online, in print, and on broadcast media outlets. By reaching out to the media, we can help your company establish credibility and create awareness.  We have found that investor and consumer perceptions are influenced–first–by a company’s actual performance and–second–by the media.  Members of the current eMedia Plex team have secured media coverage for clients in hundreds of media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, AP, Reuters, NY Times, Forbes, Newsweek, USA Today, FOX, CBS, and numerous niche/vertical publications.

Guaranteed Media Placements

Different than public relations/media relations, “Guaranteed Media Placements” are articles and radio broadcast stories about your company created by eMedia Plex that are placed in newspapers and on the radio.

In Newspapers Throughout the United States

Different from an ad, this is an actual newspaper feature story/article about your company formatted with an attention-getting photo. The article is distributed to 250 newspapers.  Your company is guaranteed 25 articles, though typical results range from 50-75.

On the Radio

This is a news story about your company (not an ad) that is sent to 400 radio stations.  Includes writing a timed 30 or 60 second script and professional voice over.  Your company is guaranteed 100 airings, though typical results range from 150-200.

TV News Story for Broadcast–Guaranteed Placement

Whether it’s a 60 second news story for broadcast on TV (CNN, Bloomberg, FOX) or a commercial for broadcast on cable (MSNBC, CNBC, FOX Business), eMedia Plex will devise a unique story angle, craft a script, and produce a broadcast TV “news minute” or commercial that delivers high-quality, compelling, call-to-action campaigns.